Where is Family Law Law Practiced?

where is family law

Family Law encompasses an expansive spectrum of issues that arise within familial relationships. Ranging from divorce proceedings and prenuptial agreements to paternity issues and adoption proceedings, family lawyers assist their clients with some of the most delicate cases.

Divorce laws vary by state, but many permit no-fault divorces and cover issues such as alimony (spousal support), child custody arrangements and property division.


Divorce can be an emotionally draining process that includes the division of property, child custody arrangements and visitations rights, as well as the establishment of alimony payments or support payments. Every state has laws regarding divorce that vary depending on where it takes place.

Example: Some states allow no-fault divorce while others require spouses to prove infidelity or domestic violence by their partner before filing for a divorce can take place. Furthermore, certain states impose waiting periods before giving couples permission for an annulment to be finalized.

Family law encompasses many areas, from protecting against domestic abuse and harassment through legal protection orders to estate planning such as wills and trusts, to ensure your assets are distributed as you intend upon death. A family attorney should handle these vital issues so you can make informed decisions for both yourself and your children’s futures.

Child custody

Family law attorneys provide guidance and legal representation for married and unmarried couples going through issues like divorce, separation, child custody and support payments as well as adoption or foster care cases.

As part of their divorce or legal separation proceedings, parents will typically fight over who will gain physical and legal custody of their children. A judge will then make a determination based on a variety of factors as to who should have custody.

Non-parents may also obtain custody in specific instances, such as domestic violence. A judge may order a psychological evaluation before making their decision; family lawyers can assist by making sure all relevant facts are taken into consideration by the court and reviewing child support calculations to ensure accuracy.

Child support

Child support payments are an agreed upon amount that parents must pay when divorcing or separating, determined by state laws and each parent’s income. Their goal is to maintain as high a standard of living for the children after divorce as possible.

Family lawyers regularly assist their clients with child support cases to ensure that the appropriate amount is paid and review calculations for errors or discrepancies.

Family law covers many other areas as well, such as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, guardianship issues, emancipation proceedings and domestic violence cases. NYU Law has one of the premier programs for family law studies as well as some leading scholars in this area; its courses feature simulations as well as clinical opportunities.

Prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements, commonly known as prenups, are legal contracts signed between two people prior to marrying that outlines how their assets would be divided upon divorce; designate certain properties as separate from marital property; permit one spouse to retain an inheritance; establish spousal support obligations and more.

An attorney can assist couples in creating fair and legally binding prenuptial agreements, while helping them understand any applicable state laws regarding them.

Families that seek legal assistance beyond divorce often enlist family law attorneys for help in other matters such as emancipation (allowing minors to leave parental control), restraining orders (for domestic violence), estate planning and domestic partnership agreements that focus on shared financial assets rather than marital contract provisions.


Adoption is the legal process by which one individual becomes the legal guardian of another individual, often children. Adoption can be a rewarding experience but should also be approached carefully as there could be serious ramifications; prior to proceeding it’s essential that consultation be sought from a family law attorney.

Adoption in many modern societies is often subject to extensive laws and regulations, while in others it may be less stringently managed – for example, Roman Emperor Trajan adopted two children himself while his successor Hadrian also did so.

Adult adoptions in the US are generally governed by state laws and are not as popular as child or stepparent adoptions; however, they do exist and often involve relatives adopting children from one another – this type of adoption is known as Kinship Adoption.

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