Which Law School Should I Go To?

When considering attending law school, selecting an ideal university can be of the utmost importance. You’re about to embark on a long and exciting journey – make sure that it suits your career goals!

Finding a law school to attend may often come down to ranking, but that shouldn’t be your sole factor for selection. Location, special programs and scholarships must all be evaluated when making this important decision.

How to take the quiz

Making the decision to enroll in law school can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. From recent high school graduates looking at potential career choices, to current college students seeking their future financial security – taking this quiz can help determine whether you have the required skillset and characteristics necessary to thrive as an attorney.

Law school exams vary considerably in format, with some professors using solely essay examinations, multiple-choice questions or short essay questions as tests. Other exams are open book allowing you to use class notes and outlines when taking the test; others are closed book, meaning only memory should be relied upon during taking. The questions on this quiz reflect these various forms of exams often seen at law schools – each question was carefully designed by a team of lawyers to test your performance in that environment.

What to expect from the quiz

The quiz uses your interests and capabilities to assess whether law school would be a suitable path. Additionally, it evaluates your motivations and work ethic and whether a top law school would provide greater benefit or an affordable alternative is better suited for you.

Legal professions place great emphasis on prestige, with many law students striving to attend Ivy League schools or other highly selective institutions. Unfortunately, these top institutions tend to be highly selective and out of reach for most applicants.

Law degrees require both time and energy. You will likely spend most of your free time preparing for classes and final exams – some might allow use of notes or materials while others are closed-book. Many schools also provide practicums or clinics where students can hone their skills in real-life settings.

Why take the quiz

At law school, your decision is one of the biggest you’ll make in your lifetime. An investment of this magnitude requires careful thought and consideration if it is going to fulfill all your desired career objectives. Before making this leap, be clear about why this step will bring you fulfillment.

This quiz is designed to assess your interests, skillset and long-term goals to determine whether this degree path is the appropriate one for you and will save both money and years by helping identify whether pursuing this course would be worthwhile for you.

The quiz can also serve as an excellent way to gauge if you are up for the rigorous academic challenges presented by law school studies, while giving an idea of which schools might accept you based on alumni network, program reputation and other considerations – saving yourself from applying to every single one on the U.S. News and World Report list!

Taking the quiz

Law school can be an enormous commitment of time and money; making the decision should be based on your abilities, interests and long-term goals. Take this quiz to assess your current skillset and see if law is right for you!

Once you decide to take the leap into law school, it is imperative that you do your research thoroughly. There are many factors beyond simply rankings to take into account, such as location and housing options, specializations and alumni support – prioritizing your needs will make selecting a school much simpler! Focusing on finding one which offers maximum opportunity in the area you love should make the selection process much smoother; just remember the top law schools are filled with passionate, caring professionals dedicated to your success!

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